About Racer Ranvir

Ranvir always loved cars from the time he laid his hands on his first toy car. The sound of cars was something he was always fascinated by. He would keenly focus on the tires and see the way they turn even when he was just 18 months old. All our visitors were amazed to know that he knew the names of all the cars in his car book from Ford to Lamborghini.

dsc01085Born on 20th June 2008, Ranvir has shown his brilliance through his fast grasping skills. He involves himself in all activities. He is social by nature and loves interacting with his friends. He loves outdoor games and is good in basketball, badminton, cycling, and swimming. He has participated and completed 3kms in the Pune International Marathon in 2014 and 5kms in the Our Marathon in 2014. He enjoys playing carrom in his free time. His favourite sport is car racing and his parents are guiding him in pursuing this passion through his racing school.