About Racer Ranvir

Ranvir always loved cars from the time he laid his hands on his first toy car. The sound of cars was something he was always fascinated by. He would keenly focus on the tyres and see the way they turn even when he was just 18 months old...

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Ranvir’s Parents

Mr. Prafulla Kumar Singh and Mrs. Kavitha Krishnamurthy Singh Doting parents who have always done what they thought was best for their kids. Ranvir’s choice  of passion was something that we were able to identify at a very early age...

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My name is Ranvir Singh, I am in grade 2 and today I am going to talk to you about my passion for car racing.

I was always very interested in cars like many of the boys here are.

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Very Talented Young Driver

A very talented young driver from India. I have worked with a lot of great talent in the world and I can see something big is coming from this boy. He is naturally fast and I believe he will definitely be one of the best drivers in the world one day.

Mohd Rohairijaz

Team owner / Double R Motorsports

To Watch In The Future

I have mentored and coached many front-running Go-Kart over the past 13 years, with them winning British, European, Asian and Indian Championships. Out of all these Ranvir Singh is a special talent that shines. At only 9 years old with little to no experience at all, his ability to adapt to techniques along with his understanding on and off the track is remarkable. Ranvir is definitely on to watch in the future.

Richard Amos

Team coach / BPC Racing

A Future Champion

Ranvir first came to our Rayo Racing Academy as a very enthusiastic 5 & a half year old. It was very evident immediately, that Ranvir had a lot of talent. In addition to his talent, Ranvir's unending energy & hunger to race are the perfect ingredients for a future champion. At the very young age of just 7 years, Ranvir’s victory in the JK Tyre IndiKarting National Series has proved his immense potential. With age on his side, I am confident that Ranvir will continue to mature & do our country proud in the future.

Rayomand Banajee

Founder & Director / Rayo Racing

Very Positive Improvement

Ranvir a young prospect in Indian Karting started at a tender age of 5 and has shown very positive improvement by  competing with drivers who are older than him. Young Ranvir shows a lot of potential and his achievements have proved that he can grow to be a promising driver in Indian Kart Racing.
Specific Skills: Aggressive Racing driver and strong willed.
Improvement Areas : Nothing specific to note, he has improved in all areas.

Steve Hodges

Team Director / Rayo Racing


Ranvir Singh

Winner Racer Ranvir

Racer Ranvir

Ranvir Singh

First Runner Up

Ranvir Singh

1st Runner Up

Ranvir Singh

1st Runner Up

Racer Ranvir

First Runner up

Racer Ranvir

Winner 1st prize

Racer Ranvir

High Speed Racer

Racer Ranvir


As this is an expensive sport with expensive equipment, its maintenance & training, we are open for brands and individuals to associate with us. We provide branding opportunity of the Kart and Jacket of Ranvir Singh, which he will wear during his tournaments.To Associate with Racer Ranvir  
Email : prafulla.singh@gmail.com  Phone : +91 9604789229